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Below is an article written by our agent Ray Jensen about The Jensen Group and Port of the Islands Realty that we feel really hits on point about using all of our agents here.   You can reach Ray directly at 305-849-0387 and at www.WeSellThePort.com.   Please enjoy!

9 Reasons to use “The Jensen Group” and Port of the Islands Realty, a boutique Real Estate Agency

What is a Boutique Real Estate Firm?

Many may consider a “boutique” firm to cater to high end only, or possibly too small to break into the competitive real estate market. In reality, these firms are extremely specialized businesses with a culture centered on customer service and professionalism. As a client of The Jensen Group at Port of the Islands Realty, you can expect above average representation in any transaction from a quaint condo unit to sprawling single family home and everything in between. You will rest assured knowing that not only your agents but the entire office is working to assist you for a smooth and skilled transaction.

How is a boutique firm similar to a large real estate company?

In an age of technology where bigger is often better and instant gratification is expected, a Boutique Real Estate Firm, like The Jensen Group at Port of the Islands Realty, stands among the best.  We offer the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) representation as larger companies. Meaning, all companies have the same access level to the same properties whether representing a buyer or a seller.  Online marketing offerings at larger companies and Port of the Islands Realty are equal. Your property will be represented on major home buying and selling sites like REALTOR.com, Homes.com Zillow and Trulia and many others.

Much of the technology that REALTORS® provide their clients are provided through the MLS system. This technology is available to both large companies and boutique firms.
Large Real Estate companies have high quality marketing products, just like a boutique firm. Often, boutique firms are able to specialize their marketing even more than larger firms.

So, why is a Boutique Real Estate Firm Best?

1. Quality of Quantity.
The Jensen Group and Port of the Islands Realty knows that each client has different needs. Instead of focusing on the number of homes we list or sell, we can concentrate on Customer Service. We know that your opinion has a more significant impact than at a larger company, and will strive for your satisfaction.

2. Support from their office.
The small close-knit group that we have at Port of the Islands Realty helps to facilitate the needs of each agent and therefore each need of their clients. By choosing us you can guarantee that the entire office is dedicated to your best interest.

3. Established and Top-Tier Agents.
The owner is working to cultivate a small and professional environment, which means only the best and most driven will be selected. At Port of the Islands Realty, you can expect The Jensen Group to be proficient and dedicated to each client.

4. Vigilant about cultivating the culture and brand of the firm.
Unlike a larger company, Port of the Islands Realty has something to prove and doesn’t have a large brand name to use as a source of their worth. We are eager to show our ability to complete with a larger firm.

5. Innovation and customization happen more quickly.
Large companies have more “red tape” and company regulations that restrict the ability of the agent to be innovative. Port of the Island Realty offers instant communication with the company owner, allowing for quick and cutting edge customization in marketing your home. Most marketing is done in house, so you won’t need to wait for weeks before your home is represented in the market place.

6. Boutique firms care about the rights of buyers and sellers more than building a business empire. 
Port of the Islands Realty has strong options regarding the rights of their clients, rights of other REALTORS® and their small business. Their primary cause is not to build a business empire, but to be sure their community thrives through home ownership.

7. Your community comes first.
Your community is The Jensen Group and Port of the Islands Realty community. Your agents and agency will typically be committed to an economically sound, beautiful and welcoming community because their business only does well if the community does well. Port of the Islands Realty and it's agents will be found volunteering their time at various organizations throughout the community.

8. Your Transaction is always with your agent.
With a focus on customer satisfaction, your agent will not give your contract to a closing coordinator. Closing coordinator are typically used by larger companies so an agent can begin work with their next client. The Jensen Group will see your transaction through from the beginning to the end. No paperwork or important information will be lost in the shuffle, so you can be assure that you are well represented throughout the entire process.

9. An Experienced & Professional Environment
Owners of Port of the Islands Realty hire a small staff, and they are extremely picky in choosing their players as they only seek experienced and driven agents that have credibility, local knowledge and connections in the industry. These agents are usually hand-picked on the basis of their performance and their ability to deliver results.
Needless to say, Port of the Islands Realty is a specialized businesses and their culture is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and productivity with professionalism and result-driven commitments. Port of the Islands Realty is known to have greater agent loyalty and retention as compared to large scale brokerage firms, which makes them much more dedicated and proficient in their fields.

And these are 9 great reasons to use “The Jensen Group” at Port of the Islands Realty to sell or buy your home!     You can reach the author Ray directly at 305-849-0387 and at www.WeSellThePort.com.

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What our clients are saying  

"The Jensen Group. A special thank you to Ray for the sale of our SunSet Cay condo. Not only did they find an outstanding offer in less than 24 hours but did so in a very professional and organized manner. Ray gave me some advice back in February that truly paid off. I highly recommend their services as they live and know the port."


~ Phil Zamarron

"Extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring. There is no other choice when listing, buying or selling here at The Port"


~ R Rondini

"With the ONLY office here at POI, and a very warm, welcoming, high visibility one at that, listing with these fine folks is the smartest move when selling here. Have also had great success when shopping and purchasing with Port of the Islands Realty. A committed and very pro team. Thanks for being here and all you do for the community (and those delicious muffins!!)! It only makes sense to support our local neighbors like these folks, particularly when they do an outstanding job AND support us... a 'no brainer'."


~ J Farina

"L'endroit très agréable et accueillant. Vraiment sympa." Translated: "A very nice and welcoming place. Really nice."


~ Witold Jasion

"What a terrific and capable team at POI Realty! Every document was perfectly executed and delivered immediately with complete and thoughtful follow up. We wish half the brokerages we deal with nationwide were half as good! Keep up the great work and thank you for your business!"


~ North American Title and Servicing

"Honest, loyal to our community."


~ J. Brownlee

"Very efficient in scheduling showings of the best properties suited to us! Thank you for the time spent and all of the knowledge you shared about Naples and Port of the Islands- extremely professional!"


~ Mike Murphy

"Dwyn did an amazing job narrowing down our requirements and allowing to focus our search on our perfect neighborhood. She was very patient and nimble as we were new to the area and weren't quite sure what kind of home we wanted. We never felt rushed and she was so helpful throughout the process. I'd recommended Dwyn wholeheartedly! Thank you Dwyn - we love our new home!"


~ Lely Buyer

"Dwyn made the process simple, fast, and worry free for our family to sell this home. She handled everything while we were out of the state. Thanks Dwyn!"


~ B. Ayers

"Selling or buying a home is an important and potentially stressful event in anyone's life.It is a journey into the unknown. One asks the questions, "How long will the process take?", "How should I get ready to sell or purchase a home?", "What is a fair price?", and many more questions. Dwyn Dion is a calm, resourceful, courteous person who is physically present at the client's side for every step of the selling-buying process. She patiently explains every page of a contract and makes the client immediately aware of any and all new developments. Trulia needs Dwyn Dion to make this company an even greater success. And even more, Trulia needs agents who will cause clients to return to Trulia and recommend Trulia to their friends and relatives. Selling my home with the help of Dywn was a wonderful process. I wish she would relocate to her native Maine in order to help me with the next sell and move."


~ K. Balakier

"We have bought 2 homes and sold one through Dwyn. if not for her persistence on our first which was a short sale. It would not have happened. A lot of agents would have walked. she stuck with it and got it done. the second deal was a Fannie Mae property that was time sensitive. She got it done quickly. we listed our condo , she had it sold in one week. it was the top priced condo sold in our development at that time. don,t look around for an agent . JUST GET HER!"


~ C. McDowell

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